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"The problem with being a "queen of all trades" is that you never become an actual “expert.”

A N G Marketing has given me the ability to focus on what I am truly passionate and really good at doing. And that should make you feel good when you’re working with me, too." 

Hey there! I'm Angelique —  a work-from-home mama with an intense passion for helping small brands achieve big brand results.

My career has been spent mostly on the ad agency side with over a decade of account management and client services experience.

Looking back, I guess you could say that the service/hospitality mentality is in my blood, starting with my grandfather, Roger Lams — a humble, hardworking French master chef that opened the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. My tastebuds were definitely spoiled growing up, and even though my time in restaurants was spent mostly front-of-house, I’ve always had an undeniable appreciation for the craft.


After 7 years of putting myself through college with hostess tips, I graduated and landed at one of the top hospitality ad agencies in Las Vegas. I started as an Account Coordinator, doing change orders and proofreading mostly. But after two short years worked my way up the ladder to Account Executive, managing day-to-day marketing initiatives and big bad brand projects for clients, such as CityCenter Las Vegas, MGM Mirage, Palms Casino, Borgata Atlantic City and The Grand Del Mar.


My husband and I made the move to San Diego in 2010 and I decided to venture to the client side. I managed all the internal marketing communications and public relations (photo shoots, filmings & event marketing) for The Grand Del Mar until my maternity leave in 2013. 


Since then, I’ve been an Associate Partner for a boutique branding agency specializing in brand positioning, strategy and photography. My main role was business development and account management, but anyone that’s worked for a small business knows that you wear many hats and you naturally become a jack (or queen in my case) of all trades. I'm proud to say that going "small" (even though we worked for clients like Hilton) gave me a lot more tools in my marketing toolbox.


In 2016, I started my own networking group in La Mesa and some of my members asked me if I could do “this” or “that” for them. At that moment I realized I had the knowledge, experience and drive to just do it myself. And A N G Marketing was born. Since then, client have seen real results. 40-50% open rates for email campaigns for example.

I look forward to taking on your next marketing to-do!

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